mercoledì 7 febbraio 2018

Must-read books to understand the digital transformation

Are we aware of the epochal leap we are experiencing and its consequences on the economy and society? Reading is always a good idea and the main road to activate an inner brainstorming that helps to understand the changes around us, that today are always ‘digital’, ‘disruptive’, ‘exponential’. The pace and the magnitude of the epochal leap that we are living is perhaps beyond the human capacity to take the hit naturally, it is necessary to commit ourselves and study, to better understand the digital transformation in all its aspects, to understand what happens today and what awaits us in the near future, at macro-economic and macro-social level, as well as in our daily life and in the business of companies. One of the most effective ways to better understand things is to read books: reflections, opinions, different visions that shed light on many aspects that we often don’t catch and connect dots making everything clearer.
Below a list of 13 books that can help, in random order ...